One for all and all for one is with the BORNS not only a cliche.

The beginning was not easy for the borns. 1975 Lommel had enough  to be a member in one the Rockerclubs in Berlin. With six friends he decided to create  its own MC. It was already sure at that time: The slogan must be also in the Color.

Since 1979 the club name corresponds also to the life slogan: BORN TO BE WILD.

BORNS, how they are only called everywhere, are well-known  far over borders of Germany. They belong to a big brotherhood with ca. 20 Chapters and do not only represent in the German MC scene.

Today the name "BORN TO BE WILD" exists for one of the largest and most well-known Motorcycle clubs in Germany.

"The BORNS" have many good relations with other clubs in completely Europe, particularly in Italy and France as well as Great Britain and Finland.

The Borns became in the past years more largely, open and more European.

In addition also the wall opening contributed.

"The BORNS" went on the country and made parties, how one had so far not seen them to Germany. The Jamborees developed.

Today everyone from the scene in Germany knows the "Motorcycle Jamboree".

After Biesenthal it takes place now at the edge of Jueterbog.

Up to 20.000 visitors meet annually over to celebrate peacefully withone another. No matter, where the BIKE under your ass was built.

Also the arrest with isolation of nearly all members of the "BORNS", did not blow up the brotherhood.

The exit of the show process, after 31 days of the hearing, were then acquietals and smaller detentions, partially on probation.

Since one can show only with a motorcycle mark on this world also its life attitude outward, the members decided to make a pure Harley MC before 25 years from the club, what meant that everyone wants to become a member, at least must own a Harley.

Who does not have fears of contact with Rockern, not include their daughters, does not change the roadside, should visit once of the many Born Parties see.

For the citizens of Berlin and all this from the environment should become the Germanen Party and Halloween a obligation meeting. These parties take place already for 20 years. And who is prevented at this time remains to the Motorcycle Jamboree.